Our Mission

Bringing peace and prosperity to the countryside
Connecting Farmers to the rest of the world while connecting the world to our Farmers
One Farmer, One Hectare One Community at a time.


Our Values

Success in our business requires an awareness that each one of us is part a greater whole. The actions of one affect the results of others.

As a factory operator, I know that I am merely part of a greater whole. My actions while directly affecting my unit shall also have an effect on processes before me and processes after me. Achieving my goals at the expense of other processes is a still a failure on my part. In other words, I need to achieve my goals while also allowing the processes before and after to attain or even exceed their own goals.

In order to attain Oneness, we instill in each every one the value of teamwork and open communication. We value teamwork over and above individual achievement. We push for open communication and candor between and among all employees across all departments and across all hierarchies. Each one should be free to express his views tempered of course by respect for the dignity of others. Through teamwork, open communication and candor, we not only create a harmonious environment, but we also release the unique potential of each and every individual. Allowing each person to shine, show and share his true talents for the benefit of his fellow employees, for the Company, for the customer and for the community.

Trust. Respect. Discipline.

We operate like one big family. We grow and process canes and we also grow people because we are aware that people are our most valuable assets and source of our competitive advantage.

Each individual is unique that is why we respect one another and we recognize that each of us has our own talents. We treat each other fairly and objectively.

We value our corporate family, and care for our customer and community. For this reason, we adhere to the goals of the organization and consistently follow our rules and regulations.

We maintain cleanliness, discipline and order at the workplace out of our own free will. We avoid waste of our resources including time.

Superiors lead by example and subordinates develop to be future leaders.

Change. Research. Teaching

We value people. We continuously develop ourselves. In the process, we live in a learning Organization.

We set high standards in all our endeavors and continuously search for better ways to improve our work. We pay more attention to prevention rather than to correction

As employees, we nurture a progressive career path and attain growth through training, coaching and counseling.

We strive to have an accurate information about our job and our operation regardless of our position. We are open to change, criticism and willing to accept and correct our mistakes.

Genuine Concern. Fairness. Equity

At CAT, our farmers are called planters. We also call them customers or even partners. We want them to be happy and continue planting sugarcane and improve their productivity. We do our best to make them globally competitive.

We treat them equitably. No planter is too small not to merit our total commitment. We will not be friendly to some at the expense of others.

Genuine Concern. Fairness. Equity

We recognize the value of our customers as the foundation of our sustained existence. Aware of this, we will do our best to meet their requirements from the macro needs of quality, quantity, on time delivery and price up to the micro level of ensuring consistency in weight.

We will therefore continuously exert efforts to have a complete understanding of their needs.


Our commitment to our community is not a responsibility, it is a passion we strongly believe.

We create farming communities composed of people who know sugarcane farming and support the industry.

Our strength is anchored on the sustainable development of the communities where we operate. As such, sugarcane farming provides food on their table, education for their children, shelter for their family, and other needs.

We create value and make people want to be part of the community and make them part of something big of a bigger whole enjoying rapport among themselves.

Honesty. Ethics. Trust.


We have a name to live up to. That phrase sums up all our beliefs on how we should deal with one another.